03.11.18Tricoter in Beirut

Tricoter Concert by Ateek for Contemporary Music
Featured composers Iyad Mohammad, Tarek Younis and Haitham Sukkarieh
Cag Ercag / Cello
Aysu Sadiqova / Qanun
Zina Asfour / Piano

10.02.17Piano Recital - American University - Sharjah

Solo Piano Concert
Programme will include works by Beethoven, Bach, Debussy, Chopin Ravel, Gelalian and Tarek Younis.

09.23.17Piano Recital - Bank al Etihad / Amman

Piano Recital by Zina Asfour
Programme includes works by Beethoven, Debussy, Chopin, Gelalian and Younis.

08.09.17Concert - Jofeh in Jordan

Piano Concert at Jofeh

07.02.17Piano 4 Hands Concert

Piano Duet Concert by Zina Asfour and Pierre Morabia
Debussy, Ravel, Franck, Poulenc.

Venue : Darat al Funun

04.27.17Ateek Presents Tricoter for Three Instruments

A concert for three instruments Cello (Cag Ercag), Piano (Zina Asfour) and Qanun, organized by Ateek initiative for new Arab Composers such as Iyad Mohammad, Tarek Younis, Haitham Sukkarrieh, and Dia Succari.

02.20.17Zina Asfour solo concert

Al Hussein Cultural Center - Ras Al Ain at 7:30 pm
Program Beethoven, Chopin, Debussy, Ravel, Gibran, Tchaikovsky.

07.23.16Ateek Presents 2 Pianos Concert - Zina Asfour / Kenan Tatlici

A programe of music by new composers from the Middle East including Iyad Mohammad, Mohammad Uthman, Syrian composer Dia' Succari. as well as International composers such as Shostakovich .
The Hussein Cultural Center at 8:00pm

01.31.16Piano Recital

Al Hussein Cultural Center at 8:00pm

Dia Succari, Beethoven, Tarek Younis, Chopin, Gelalian and Brahms

09.16.15Ateek presents " Tricoter" for Qanun, Cello and Piano

Music newly composed, arranged and improvised by composers from the East such as Iyad Mohammad, Tarek Younis, Iyad Kana'an and West such as De Falla, Shostakovich, Couperin, and Rameau .

Cag Ercag - cello, Tahir Aydogdu - qanun, Zina Asfour - piano

Al Hussein Cultural Center - Ras al Ain / Amman at 8:00 pm

08.16.15Piano Recital - Croatia

Piano Recital at the Fine Arts Gallery Split at 15:00

07.26.15Piano Concert at the Hussein Cultural Center at 7:30 pm

Prgoramme : Beethoven, Gelalian, Chopin, Ravel. Dia Succari, Rachmaninoff, Pierne.

05.19.15Duo Violoncelle/ Piano - Paris

Adrien Frasse Sombet et Zina Asfour
''Dialogue Musical des Cultures''
La Cite Internationale des Arts - Paris 4e
Au Programme: Faure, Shostakovich, Succari, Gelalian, Popper.

01.24.15Cag Ercag and Zina Asfour - Istanbul

Cello and Piano Concert by Cag Ercag and Zina Asfour
Pera Palace Hotel - Istanbul

11.23.14Concert for Cello and Piano by Cag Ercag and Zina Asfour- Amman

Programme: Brahms, Gelalian, Debussy, Piazzolla, Faure, Saint Saens and Cag Ercag.

05.28.14Concert for Cello and Piano by Adrien Frasse Sombet and Zina Asfour-Etihad Bank - Amman

Programme: Shostakovitch, Faure, Gelalian and Popper.

03.17.14Cello and Piano concert by Cag Ercag and Zina Asfour- AUS-Sharjah

Cag Ercag (cello) and Zina Asfour (piano)

Program:Shostakovitch, Dia' Succari, Faure, Saint Saens, Tarek Younis, Cag Ercag, Gelalian, and Piazzolla

11.22.13Solo Concert-British Council-Amman

Beethoven, Chopin, Ravel, Brahms, Tarek Younis and Dia Succari.

10.17.13A Concert for Two Pianos and Percussions

Zina Asfour and Kenan Tatlici with the collaboration of the National Music Conservatory in Amman present a Two Pianos Concert with Percussionist Mohammad Taha.
Program will include works by Dia Succari, Iyad Mohammad, Tarek Younis, Mohammad U. Siddiq, Chopin and Liszt .
The Hussein Culturel Center at 8:00pm
Concert Proceedings go the The Institute for Blessed Children.

05.21.13Repetiteur for Mozart Opera 'Cosi Fan Tutti'

''Opera Cycle'' in Amman
Repetiteur for Mozart opera ''Cosi Fan Tutti '' Directed by Andy Staples
with Andy Staples -George Humphreys- Agneska Admchek -Dima Bawab - Pauline Sikirdji - Zoltan Gradsach

04.19.13Recital for Voice and Piano by Pierrick Boisseau and Zina Asfour at the AUB - Beirut

A Recital for Voice and Piano by Pierrick Boisseau (baritone) and
pianist Zina Asfour at the Assembly Hall- AUB at 8:00pm
Program will include works by Schumann, Faure , Barber, Poulenc, Bellini, and R. Strauss.

03.10.13AAT Festival Featuring Zina Asfour and Dima Bawab at Al Balad Theater at 8:00pm - Amman

A Musical including theater, music and Dance
Zina Asfour on the piano, soprano Dima Bawab, and dancer Alaa' Samman in ''Ma Voie et Moi''
Music will include pieces by Schumann, Poulenc, Faure,Tarek Younis and Manuel De Falla.

03.09.13AAT Festival Featuring Zina Asfour and Dima Bawab at Al Balad Theater at 8:00pm - Amman

Zina Asfour (piano), Dima Bawab (voice), Alaa' Samman (dance)

12.16.12Ateek Ensemble Concert - Animae Musica '' Festival de Musique Sacree''

The Royal Cultural Center 8:00 pm
Chamber Music composed, improvised and arranged by contemporary composers within a sufi context.

09.14.12Two pianos concert- Amman Music Society

Zina Asfour and Tala Tutunji
Program will include works by Grieg, Milhaud, Shostakovich, and more.

08.11.12Recital -Gumusluk/Turkey

07.06.12Piano Recital at the Union Bank - Amman

Piano solo concert at 8:00 pm
Beethoven, Chopin, Brahms, Ravel , Tarek Younis and Rachmaninoff .

01.27.12Concert for Two Pianos- American University of Beirut

The event will include the pianists Zina Asfour,and Mohammad Othman Siddiq.
Percussions: Mohammad Taha.
Programme: Rachmaninoff, Chopin, Manauel Di Falla, Cezar Franck, Mohammad Othman, and Iyad Mohammad, Tarek Younis and a world premiere of a mawlawi by Mohammad Othman for Two Pianos and percussions.
For More details please check the following site www.ateekmusic.com

10.18.11Piano Recital- Music House

Programme : Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin, Ravel, Janaceck.

07.07.11The Hussein Cultural Center - Amman

Ateek Ensemble
''Itrab wa Dour''
at 8:00pm

06.01.11American University - Beirut

Assembly Hall of the AUB
1st of June 2011 at 8:pm
Stephan Moller, Mohammad Othman Sidiq, and Zina Asfour.
Programme will include''Dance'' by Iyad Mohammad (world premiere), '' Nights in the Gardens of Spain'' by Manuel De Falla, Beethoven sonata, and ''Elegy'' by Mohammad Othman Sidiq.

05.15.11Al Anda Gallery- Amman

Piano and Poetry in memory of the Palestinian Nakbeh
Beethoven- Tarek Younis- Janaceck - Haitham Sukkarieh
Poems by Najwan Darwish
at 7:00 pm

12.29.10Ateek Ensemble in Concert

AUB Assembly Hall
Wednesday, 29 December 2010
Chamber music with an oriental flavour through imprvisation, arranging and composing. Ateek reintroduces the element of classical ''tarab'' within a sufi context.
Hala Hachem(voice),Cag Ercag(Cello),Zina Asfour(piano),Mohammad Taha(percussions), Lana Nasser(sufi twırling)

Programme includes woks by Bach, Rameau, Brahms, Rachmaninoff, Ravel, Poulenc, Iyad Mohammad, Tarek Younis, Haytham Sukkarieh and others.

Prices are: 20.000, 30.000 & 45.000 LBP

08.07.10Ateek in Concert

''Another Sky...''
Classical Music concert at the Royal Cultural Center at 8:00
Artists are Dima Bawab, Zina Asfour, Athil Hamdan, Halim Al Khatib, Mohammad Taha, Ahmad Al Khatib, Lana Nasser.
Composers are Iyad Mohammad, Tarek Younis, Haitham Sukkarieh, Dia Al Sukkari.
Painter Mohammad Nassrallah
Photos Abdel Rahim Al Arjan
Illustrations Hana Asfour .

04.18.10Aat Festival

Additional Shows 18,19,20th of April 2010 at Al Balad Theater at 8:00pm

04.12.10Ateek in Concert

Ateek in Concert at the Sheikh Ibrahim Center in Bahrain
Baroque Music and Oum Kalthoum
Hala Hachem(voice), Tawfik Mirkhan(qanun), Zina Asfour(piano), Nasser Salameh(percussions), Ahmad Khatib(dervish), Fadi Daoud(artistic vision).

04.09.10Ateek in Concert

Lunch Concert at the Nicomachus Center on the 9th of April 2010
Baroque Music and Oum Kalthoum
Hala Hachem (soprano), Tawfik Mirkhan(qanun), Zina Asfour(piano), Nasser Salameh(percussions), Ahmad Khatib(Dervish).

03.07.10Aat Festival

Aat Festival Celeberating Women's Day at the Al- Balad Theater

02.27.10Concert at the British Embassador's Residence in Amman

Concert by Dima Bawab(voice), Zina Asfour(piano), Lana Nasser(dancer)

01.18.10 CNR Boulogne Billancourt - France

Concert for Voice and Piano by Zina Asfour and Hala Hachem

12.22.09Gala Concert for the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts - Amman

Concert for Two Pianos by Zina Asfour and Tarek Younis

12.17.09'Ateek' in Concert

Ateek Art Show(postponed)
Concert at Babel Theater in Beirut on the 17th of December 2009.

Artists are Zina Asfour(piano), Toufik Mirkhan(qanun), Hala Hachem(Soprano), Miles Jay(double -base), Naser Salameh(percussions), Ahmad Khatib(Dervish), Fadi Daoud(painter).

Programme will include works by Tarek Younis, Iyad Mohammad, Haitham Sukkarieh, Nabil Benabdel djelil, Vivaldi, Couperin, Rameau, Brahms and many others.

12.07.09 American University - Beirut

Piano Duet Concert
Zina Asfour and Mohammad Othman Sidiq
Rachmaninov - Debussy - Ravel - Tarek Younis

10.03.09Spiritual Concert

Modern Sufi music by Zina Asfour (piano),Toufik Mirkhan(kanun),Christina Roytz(cello) and Mohammed Taha (percussions), music composed and arranged by contemporary composers such as Iyad Mohammed, Tarek Younis, Haitham Sukkarieh, as well as composers from the Baroque period such as Vivaldi, Rameau, Couperain,and many others. The event will be accompanied by a dervish Dancerfrom Syria at the Hussein Cultural Center in Amman at 8pm .
The concert is a message against violence and ticket proceedings will go to The Jordanian Women's Union and women and children victims of violence.

05.19.09 Frankfurt- Trippstadt

Concert with the soprano Elena Laborenz

01.07.09Artists' Manifestation at Al Balad Theater, Amman

08.26.08Concert by Zina Asfour and Hala Hachem at the Union Bank, Amman

07.22.08 Vienna Music Conservatory - Vienna

Solo Concert at the VIP academy

11.24.07Saint Barnabas Church - London

Freedom Concert