Jordanian pianist Zina Asfour studied musicology at the Sorbonne and piano at the Ecole Normale Alfred Cortot , Paris and Trinity College of Music, London with the head of the keyboard department the famous pianist Philip Fowke.
She has also studied with the renowned teachers Raymond Banning, Ruth Nuy (Claudio Arrau's student), Eric Vidonne, Andre Gorog, Colette Fernier, Ramzi Yassa, and had the chance to take masterclasses with world famous pianists such as Pascal Roge, Billy Eidi, Eric le Sage, Kemal Gekic, Laurent Cabasso, Muza Rubackyte and Gulcin Onay.

Throughout her musical career Zina works with several renowned musicians such as Stephan Moeller, Pierrick Boisseau, Cag Ercag, Tahir Aydogdu, Adrien Frasse Sombet, Kenan Tatlici, Mohammad Othman Sidiq, Dima Bawab, and Elena Laborenz .

In 2008 Zina founded Ateek which is an initiative encouraging new contemporary Arab composers and musicians . The Ateek Ensemble is also a part of this project introducing classical chamber music with an oriental flavour. In 2011 The Ateek Ensemble was awarded a sponsorship by AFAC to record their first album 'Troubadour' which included music by Arab contemporary composers such as Iyad Mohammad, Dia Succari, Haytham Sukkarieh, Tarek Younis and Joelle Khoury. Zina currently teaches and performs in Europe and the Middle East and is working on several Ateek projects such as "Raqs" a concert for two pianos to be performed in 2016.